About FIPO

FIPO is a purely medical federation of independent medical organisations, specialist groups and consultant representatives which speaks on behalf of independent medical organisations and specialty groups and whose objectives are;

  1. to promote the highest possible standards in the independent sector underpinned by clinical governance and audit
  2. to maintain the independence of the consultant and the freedom of choice for patient and doctor
  3. to provide a forum for the representatives of independent practitioners to agree common policy relating to medical practice
  4. to provide a mechanism for discussions with insurers, hospital providers, patient groups and others on standards, complaints procedures, reimbursements, recognition issues, codes of practice and all such matters relating to independent medical practice

Our Structure

FIPO is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee. Its membership consists of all the national medical groups and private specialty organisations with an interest in private practice. An important linkage is with the Medical Advisory Committees (MACs) of independent hospitals in the UK.